Louisiana unemployment insurance claims rise

Daily Report Staff

There was a slight rise in Louisiana unemployment last week, with 4,222 initial unemployment claims filed, according to the latest figures released by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

Slight uptick aside, the news is far rosier than the same week last year when more than 20,000 claims were filed throughout the state.

Looking at the four-week moving average—generally a better gauge of employment trends—initial claims dropped to 4,468 from the previous week’s average of 4,805.

While the news is certainly better than last year when COVID-19 and associated restrictions brought the economy to its knees, Louisiana’s recovery continues to lag behind the pace of most other states. Continued claims filed for the week ending July 3 rose to 49,973, up from 49,163 from the previous week. Again, that’s way better than the same week a year ago when 313,157 ongoing claims were filed. See the report.