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Webcast: Why Do My Company’s Health Insurance Rates Keep Rising, and What Can I...

Three experts provide insights on why health insurance and health care costs continue rising and offer advice on what your business to do to control rates.

2021-2022 Louisiana Economic Outlook

An exclusive economic forecast for the state of Louisiana, from Dr. Loren Scott in conjunction with Baton Rouge Business Report's annual Louisiana Business Symposium.

Webcast: Building A Stronger Business Through Diversity

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, get insights into how to strengthen your organization through diversity and inclusion.

Webcast: What Should You Know About Cybersecurity in 2020?

Cyberattacks on companies and organizations of all sizes in Louisiana are on the rise—and becoming more sophisticated.

Webcast: Influential Women in Business—A Conversation About Resilience

In this moderated and Q+A session, we’ll talk about how the ability to be resilient—to bounce back, regroup, and lead and inspire others—is an enormously important attribute for women, both in their professional and personal lives.

2020 Book of Lists

Absent quality data, a business is forced to operate on hunches. That, of course, is far from a proven recipe for corporate success. Rather,...
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White Paper Series: How to capitalize on the eBay Retail Revival Program

In early May, Baton Rouge and eBay officials enthusiastically announced the city has been selected to participate in the company’s Retail Revival program, joining...

Form I-9 compliance: The process and why it’s more important than ever

In January 2018, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced its commitment to increase worksite inspections and audits of Forms I-9; and it unabashedly...

White Paper Series: Stop wasting time & money on unproductive meetings

American employees collectively attend some 55 million meetings a day and it’s estimated that the annual cost of them—when weighted with the average salary...