JR Ball Louisiana Baton Rouge

JR Ball: A freedom cry for college athletes rings out across the land

The good ol' days of everyone in Division I college sports getting rich except the athletes who put their bodies at risk are thankfully over.
Stephanie Riegel

Riegel: The beauty and effectiveness of citizen activists

It is refreshing to see ordinary people band together as activists and, through a shared dedication and vision, get things done.
rolfe mccollister

Publisher: Is flooding in Baton Rouge a crime scene?

How can Baton Rouge come up with innovative ideas to prevent flooding when it's counting on old-school Fred Raiford for solutions. Also, saluting local litter advocates and concern about a CATS tax renewal.

Alford: Turnover trend continues at the state Capitol

Much like the state its members represent, the Louisiana Legislature is experiencing a troubling trend of outmigration. Last term, from 2016 through 2019, was...

Alford: Lawmakers prepping for summertime session

Conservative lawmakers have taken the guesswork out of the process allowing the House and Senate to trigger an automatic veto session to override the...

Alford: New strategy lifting Legislative Black Caucus

While the Legislative Black Caucus has a long and proud history in the Louisiana Legislature, the last two terms have seen the organization ramp...

Alford: Legislative session will continue to reverberate

When he made his way out of the House chamber last week, just moments after lawmakers adjourned the 2021 regular session, Rep. Raymond Crews...

Alford: Jockeying for governor’s race underway

At this point during the last open gubernatorial cycle, in the summer of 2013, then-Rep. John Bel Edwards was preparing to take his long...
JR Ball Louisiana Baton Rouge

JR Ball: What the BREC is going on with Bodi White?

Why is state Sen. Bodi White so determined to break the Baton Rouge suburbs away from BREC and start an independent parks department?

Riegel: A realistic look at flooding in Baton Rouge

Flooding is a worsening problem in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana but are we really getting serious about addressing the situation?