Alford: Tax reform easier said than done

This week marks the midpoint of the Louisiana Legislature’s regular session, so lawmakers are halfway to somewhere. I wish I could offer a more...
JR Ball Louisiana Baton Rouge

JR Ball: The Louisiana curse of resource abundance

If Louisiana hopes to actually compete in an economy powered by knowledge and innovation then it needs to end its resource curse.

Riegel: Remembering a retailer who put people before profit

The death of Henry Bingham Jr., who defied the odds by keeping Our Hardware operating, leaves a hole in the world that is the Perkins Road Overpass.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: Civil service board must go, jeopardizes public safety

The police civil service board is stacked with union representatives and either needs to go or be reformed as it undermines the ity of the police chief.

Alford: Lawmakers make time for campaign finance

The bills that get introduced by Louisiana lawmakers for consideration in legislative sessions have become predictable. More times than not, for example, there are...

Alford: In Louisiana, elections beget elections

If you’re starting to think these elections are never going to end, that may be because these elections never seem to end.   President Joe Biden...

Alford: Guilt by association a familiar theme in congressional runoff

Democrats playing in the runoff election in the New Orleans-based 2nd Congressional District are trying to tear each other apart over alleged connections to...
JR Ball Louisiana Baton Rouge

JR Ball: Louisiana’s taxing problem

How much we do or don’t pay in taxes isn’t Louisiana’s fundamental fiscal problem. It’s the state’s moronically byzantine tax code as well as which cash kegs get tapped to fill the state’s coffers.

Riegel: Time for gender equity on the LSU board

Recent events at LSU make it abundantly clear the governor needs to bring gender equity to the men's club that is the board of supervisors.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: Google will disrupt colleges and universities

Google offering career certificates, which most enrollees will earn in six months, could have a seismic disruption on four-year universities.